Francis Howell Families calls on the Board of Education to immediately restore recess para positions for elementary schools.

These part time staff positions are for recess monitors who provide classroom teachers a break for communication with parents, preparing make-up work, grading homework, etc.   The administrative load on these teachers has only increased during the pandemic, and these recess paras contribute to the quality of the students’ education in a cost effective way.

The district seems to be able to find money in the operating budget for wasteful or less important items that could be instead put to work to restore these positions.

Operating budget examples:

  1. Money to hire Critical Race Theory consultants and to send district personnel to CRT-laced training.
  2. Money to purchase books with graphic sexual materials, pedophelia, gang rape, etc.
  3. $1 Million annual budget allocation for “strategic planning”  (not spent)
  4. $20,000 for “Thought Exchange”, which lacks proper controls to insure single voting of only district patrons.
  5. $63,000 district expense to provide ACT testing of Juniors
  6. Excessive administrative staff positions at central office

In addition to the above wasteful operating expenses, the district has a dismal record on capital expense controlShortfalls and overruns in capital budgets will eventually need to be funded from additional bond issues, tax increases, or the operating budget.

Prop S overruns:

What you can do: