Francis Howell Families PAC recruits, supports, and educates candidates for the school board who support academic excellence, transparent accountability, and fiscal responsibility while encouraging in students a strong work ethic, good character, and respect for our Nation’s founding principles.

We reject attempts to divide people by race, gender, or other immutable characteristics or to teach that those characteristics determine their destiny.  Instead, we work to create a district that provides a high-quality, knowledge-based education for all students so they can be fully prepared to participate in civil society.

The group of individuals who steer the PAC include district parents, educators, district grandparents, and other district taxpayers.  We are an inclusive group that responds to community members who reach out to us through this website. There are many opportunities for interested community members to get involved. And the first step is contacting us here. We are also appreciative of donations to the PAC.

The Francis Howell Families PAC follows all of the transparency and accountability laws of the state of Missouri by filing with the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC).