As part of the Prop S budget, new playground equipment for three elementary schools (Becky-David, Independence, John Weldon) was budgeted for $135,000 each or a total of $405,0000.

Once again, district CFO Kevin Supple failed to exercise proper financial controls over this spending:

  1. The district Prop S website (screen shots below) shows that the P.O’s for these were issued on May 4, 2021, over 2 weeks before the board approved the expenditures at the May 20, 2021 meeting.
    Update:  according to Mr. Supple, the actual P.O. was issued on June 1, not May 4 as shown on the Prop S website.
  2. In the letter to the board for approval (download here), the amount requested and approved was $704,704 – which is $299,704 or 74% over the budget. There was no mention in the letter to the board of the original budget amount or an explanation for the overrun.
  3. This expenditure did not go through a true competitive bid process. The letter simply explains that the vendor is part of a “buying club”
  4. Included in the new $704,704 equipment purchase is a “Miracle freestanding rock wall” and “Miracle museum”.

What you can do:

    • Make sure that you vote on April 5 and get your friends and neighbors to do the same.
    • Find out more about the candidates that we are endorsing – Adam Bertrand and Randy Cook
    • Please contact us if you have questions, or find out how you can help us return Francis Howell to fiscal sanity.
    • Consider making a donation to help us elect better school board members.