On April 5th, State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick announced an audit of the Francis Howell R-III School District related to fiscal and operations concerns with the school district.  Click here to read the announcement on the state auditor’s website.  Costs for the audit will be covered by the state.

Francis Howell Families, members of the Missouri Legislature, and board member Randy Cook have requested that the State Auditor conduct this audit based on concerns regarding fiscal controls on Prop S projects, including a $79M cost overrun on FH North high school.


Here’s what you can do:


The following email was sent by FHSD on April 6th 2023:

FHSD Community:
As part of our transition to new District leadership this year, we committed to being open and honest with stakeholders. This means sharing both good news and bad. We want you to hear things from us first.
Yesterday, the State Auditor’s office informed District leadership that they will begin an audit of the District’s finances and operations as early as next week.
We want to remind you that this is not unexpected. As we’ve stated, District leaders welcome this external review. As a publicly-funded institution, we believe stakeholders have a right to know how their tax dollars are being allocated. We will use the opportunity to work with Mr. Fitzpatrick and his team to provide clarity and transparency to our stakeholders. We are committed to using feedback from this process to improve our financial operations as needed.
The audit is being provided at no cost to the District, and the process is expected to take 3-4 months minimum to complete. The results will be shared publicly when they are available.
As a reminder, students do not have school Friday and District offices are closed. Please enjoy your weekend!