On the agenda for the Dec 21, 2023 FHSD board meeting is a vote to disapprove the “Social Justice” standards published by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a leftist group that targets conservatives across the country.  Those standards were one of the foundations the district used when creating the black history and black literature electives with CRT principles.   These elective courses currently have low attendance.

The left knows that getting rid of these standards (and any curriculum using them) is a first step in removing ideological indoctrination from schools, so they are going ballistic. They plan on having a rally before the board meeting.

We need your help:

  • Please email the board and encourage them to ignore the screaming leftists and vote to remove these standards:
    adam.bertrand@fhsdschools.org, randy.cook@fhsdschools.org, jane.puszkar@fhsdschools.org, ron.harmon@fhsdschools.org, mark.ponder@fhsdschools.org, chad.lange@fhsdschools.org, janet.stiglich@fhsdschools.org

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Back to Basics

  • Responsible oversight of our $280M annual budget
    – Invest more on good teachers and less on bureaucrats
    – No new taxes before restoring taxpayer confidence
  • Prioritize Reading, Writing, Math, and Science
    – Achieve top 10 or better state academic ranking
    – Hold administrators accountable to improvement targets
    – Stop political activism, CRT, and sexualization of children
  • Safety and discipline to protect students and staff
    – Finish security entrances and have an officer in each school
    – Suspend bullies and students that repeatedly disrupt class
  • Enact effective policies that honor parental rights
    – Common sense privacy, bathroom, and locker room policies