Francis Howell superintendent Dr. Hoven has asked community members to read the Black History and Black Literature curricula before criticizing the courses.  He said this despite knowing that we had already reviewed the materials, communicated our concerns and they were ignored.  Others in the community have also studied the courses, as well as the process used to develop and approve them.

One concerned parent, Randy Cook, has done a detailed analysis of the course materials, attended webinars, submitted questions to the content leader, and obtained documents via sunshine requests. In his October 7th letter to the Francis Howell School Board, Mr. Cook shows:

  • The principles and history of Critical Race Theory (CRT)
  • Specific examples of CRT in the new Black History and Black Literature courses
  • Why the new curriculum was improperly approved by the board

Francis Howell Families encourages all parents and concerned community members to read this letter, which can be downloaded here.   If you agree, please contact the board to ask for a formal response to this letter.

The Black History and Black Literature “electives” are a Trojan horse – FHSD emails reveal that they are only the first wave of a complete K-12 history curricula overhaul that will impact every student if the board does not put a stop to CRT in the classroom.   Please contact us if you would like to find out how to get involved.