In November 2021, we shared a post showing how the FHSD board censors their critics during public comments.    In this article, we described how President Mary Lange and school board officials have decreed that we are forbidden from mentioning Francis Howell Families or our website during board meeting public comments.  Click on the article above and you can watch a video from the board meeting where they cut off Christopher Brooks for mentioning .

We believe this to be a clear violation of the First Amendment.  The right for citizens to address their elected political leaders is fundamental and essential to the proper function of our government, starting with our school district.  Therefore, on Friday, February 11, 2022, a lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.    This suit names as defendants board President Mary Lange, the other board members, and Superintendent Nathan Hoven.

The complaint seeks permanent relief from unconstitutional censorship, nominal monetary damages of $17.91 (the year the Bill of Rights was ratified), and legal fees.   We regret having to take this step, but are doing it to protect the free speech rights of everyone who wants to address the board.

For more information on this lawsuit and to read the complaint that was filed by attorneys who work for The Institute for Free Speech, please see:

Lawsuit: Missouri School Board Violates First Amendment Rights of Critics


What you can do:

    • This demonstrates the urgent need to replace our current school board.   Make sure that you vote on April 5 and get your friends and neighbors to do the same. Find out more about the candidates that we are endorsing – Adam Bertrand and Randy Cook
    • Please contact us if you have questions, or find out how you can help us return Francis Howell to transparent fiscal sanity and to remove pornography and Critical Race Theory frameworks from our schools.
    • Consider making a donation to help us elect better school board members.
    • Contact the board members and demand transparent representation.   Attend the next school board meeting and voice your opinion.