In FSHD school board President Mary Lange’s November 11 email to Ken Gontarz, President of Francis Howell Families, she writes:

“At the board meeting on October 21, 2021, multiple speakers, including you, violated this (board policies 1455 and 1471) by referencing Francis Howell Families or the affiliated website during their comments. At future board meetings, if any speakers reference Francis Howell Families or the website, they will immediately be stopped and will forfeit the remainder of their time. They may also be prohibited from future opportunities to speak during patron comments.”

Watch as President Lange cuts off Chris Brooks during public comments when he clearly explains how not only the board policies are being misapplied, but that the first amendment prevents exactly this sort of censorship of speech:

Coincidentally, Mr. Brooks served on the district’s Curriculum Committee for the past six years.  This committee was terminated this year by the district and replaced by a new “Academic Advisory Committee”. This new committee was hand picked by the district and does not include Mr. Brooks, any members of Francis Howell Families, or any others who have criticized Francis Howell’s introduction of Critical Race Theory into our schools.

At this same meeting, the board approved, without discussion, policy changes that will further reduce transparency.
See: FHSD board to consider agenda to reduce transparency

It’s easy to understand why President Lange and Superintendent Hoven want to silence critics like Chris Brooks, who often appears on local radio to discuss issues at Francis Howell.   Here are a few of his appearances:

What you can do:

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