Francis Howell School District Superintendent Dr. Nathan Hoven has announced plans to retire at the end of the 2021-22 school year, citing plans to pursue a professional opportunity outside of education. We wish him well in his future career endeavors. 

Deputy superintendent Dr. Kenneth Roumpos has been named Interim Superintendent.  We look forward to working with Dr. Roumpos and the Francis Howell Board to repair the division between FHSD and the majority of parents, taxpayers, teachers and staff of the District that has occurred over the last two years.  We expect that the Board and Dr. Roumpos will be open to hearing what the majority of parents, taxpayers and teachers expect from FHSD and keeping the FHSD as a top ten district in the State of Missouri.  We also encourage Dr.  Roumpos and the Board to openly listen to parents, taxpayers and teachers and be transparent with all curriculum and financial decisions of FHSD.

Moving forward with the selection of a new permanent Superintendent; Francis Howell Families strongly encourages an open and transparent process that includes a great deal of public input including the ability of the public to view resumes of all  finalists. We ask that the Board consider several public forums so parents and taxpayers can properly vet any applicant before being hired. We also urge the Board to appoint parents, taxpayers and other community members from the FHSD to any hiring committee created for the hiring of the new permanent Superintendent. The new Superintendent should have a wealth of educational knowledge, fiscal responsibility, openness to listening to the public, a strong record of transparency. They should also be open to working with the majority of parents, taxpayers and teachers to determine the path forward for FHSD with a focus on reading, writing, arithmetic and science.

What you can do:

    • Please contact us if you have questions, or find out how you can help us return Francis Howell to transparent fiscal sanity and to remove pornography and Critical Race Theory frameworks from our schools.
    • Make sure that you vote on April 5 and get your friends and neighbors to do the same. Find out more about the candidates that we are endorsing – Adam Bertrand and Randy Cook
    • Consider making a donation to help us elect better school board members.
    • Contact the board members and demand transparent representation.   Attend the next school board meeting and voice your opinion.