Last week we discussed Regulation 6116 on Human Sexuality that’s up for approval by the Francis Howell School Board on July 18th. This week we’d like to drill into the purpose of this new regulation. 

The preamble clearly states, “The Board of Education believes that parents and guardians are the primary source of human sexuality education for their children..” This is so important to our community. We know of families that have quietly pulled their kids out of FHSD schools after they were introduced to the concepts of gender identity and gender fluidity in elementary school classrooms.

Progressive activists attack with over the top accusations that these reasonable regulations “make it harder for students to be seen and heard.” However, this regulation only limits district staff (to the curriculum). Students who have questions on these topics, or wish “to be seen and heard” among their friends or family are not silenced.

The progressive radicals will give lip service to “respect for parental concerns” as they did during recent patron comments. But in practice they do not respect anything other than their views on gender identity and sexual orientation. Even a school’s approved curriculum comes second to their primary purpose of introducing these beliefs in the classroom under the guise of “affirming” students.  Scientific evidence of the risks will not dissuade them. We should ask ourselves though, is it truly helpful for district-employed adults to be encouraging children to explore sex and sexuality? Or is this a topic best left to those who care the most about a child’s well being: their parents.   

Remember that this regulation and several others will go up for a final vote on July 18th! If you think Regulation 6116 on Human Sexuality should pass, email the Francis Howell Board of Education at their email addresses below and plan to join us at the meeting:,,,,,,

Here’s what else you can do to help:

  • Please attend the July 18th, 2024 school board meeting at 6:30pm to show support for our board and this regulation.  The far-left activists will be there, will you?  See here for more information.
  • Contact us to find out more, or to let us know your concerns about our schools.
  • Consider making a donation to help us elect great school board members that represent you and not the NEA.