Emily Stark, a student on Francis Howell Central’s publications team recently interviewed school board candidates.   You can find links to these below, or at  FHCToday.com

FHCToday.com –  Jane Puszkar 

I want to make a positive impact and demand fiscal responsibility of the Board. Starting construction on a high school before knowing the true total costs to me is not good stewardship of the taxpayer funds that are entrusted to the School Board’s care. I also want to help return our district to the top 10 ranking they once held and help our children go back to the basics: science, reading, math. For those that want to learn a trade, I would like to ensure that those children are supported and encouraged to excel.

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FHCToday.com –  Mark Ponder

I have two children that are just starting out their academic careers in Francis Howell and I want to ensure that their experiences and the experiences of all of the students going forward prepare them for their futures in the best way possible way.  I’ve seen and heard some things in the past few years that have concerned me and I want to make sure that the district is run the right way, with transparency and responsibility and with every student in mind.

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FHCToday.com –  Ron Harmon

I want to be on the board to provide better oversight on the Prop S projects and the operating budget. The gross overspending on the Francis Howell North High School has many in the community frustrated.  There’s a lack of trust in the community that the school board can actually manage the district’s finances or even cares to.  Future requests for school funding might be needed.  Those requests are going to be rejected unless something is done to fix the financial mismanagement.  What person would build a house without first knowing what the house looked like and what it cost? It’s the  same thing with handling our tax money. It’s irresponsible to waste it. I also want to be on the board to provide oversight on the development of the curriculum. I want to make sure that curriculum developed is in the best interest of our students as a whole.

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