Francis Howell Families is requesting the district to clean up district library collections and course literature options so that our students are not exposed to harmful content at school.

Following our previous article: Pornography in Francis Howell schools, we have reviewed four additional books that parents should be aware of in our middle and high school libraries.   The books reviewed contain explicit depictions of:

  • Graphic sexual content including oral sex, rape, incest, and pedophilia
  • A minor child learns how to get abortion without her parent’s knowledge
  • Transgenderism, hormones, and puberty blockers for a 4th grader
  • Substance abuse and self mutilation

Click here to read the review of these books.  Warning:  Explicit Content.

We continue to read and review literature as parents across the nation raise awareness of these issues.    “Diversity” should not be used as a tool to introduce minor children to graphic sexual materials in our schools.

What you can do: