In recent board comments and online, the local NEA and their candidate Steven Blair have tried to smear board member Jane Puszkar and candidate Adriana Kuhn. One attack is that Jane and Adriana don’t value our teachers, referring to a recent radio interview with Jane and Adriana.

This is maliciously inaccurate and grossly misrepresents what Jane Puszkar and Adriana Kuhn said.  See for yourself here.

The host did express his opinion that the the NEA is “pure evil”.  Neither Jane nor Adriana commented on that characterization, and neither will we, but many of the positions taken by the NEA recently are certainly alarming.

Here are the ONLY comments in the interview by Jane and Adriana regarding teachers:

We are so blessed to have so many dedicated and talented teachers. I’m going to brag – I don’t care what the surrounding school districts say – we’ve got the best.  And we want to reward them. They work hard, they’re dedicated, and they take good care of our kids. — Jane Puszkar

Let me say about the teachers: I think that is one area that I would really like to work on – collaborating with the teachers.  I think that they are our biggest asset in our schools, and I don’t think that they are fully utilized.  I think that they have so much insight, so much experience to provide. — Adriana Kuhn

Don’t be fooled into equating the NEA and their leaders with our teachers.  The local NEA only represents a minority of our teachers – that’s why the number is so secret that even the district doesn’t know. Recent IRS 990 filings show that their revenues have fallen significantly, and they don’t amount to enough to account for their inflated claims.

Now is not the time to go back to allowing the local NEA to choose your school board.

Here’s how you can help to elect a school board that represents YOU, not the NEA: