Please vote in the April 2nd, 2024 school board election, and when you do consider that candidates Steven Blair and Carolie Owens are endorsed by the local NEA and vote for Adriana Kuhn and Sam Young.  Now is not the time to go back to the days when the NEA picked our school board.

See also:  Francis Howell Families endorses Adriana Kuhn and Sam Young for school board

Here’s what else you can do:

Back to Basics

  • Responsible oversight of our $280M annual budget
    – Invest more on good teachers and less on bureaucrats
    – Careful fiscal governance instead of new taxes
  • Prioritize Reading, Writing, Math, and Science
    – Achieve top 10 or better state academic ranking
    – Hold administrators accountable to improvement targets
    – Stop political activism, CRT, and sexualization of children
  • Safety and discipline to protect students and staff
    – Finish security entrances and have an officer in each school
    – Suspend bullies and students that repeatedly disrupt class
  • Enact and enforce policies that honor parental rights and student privacy