The April 2nd, 2024 school board election is only 8 days away, and early no-excuse voting has already started! On the ballot this year is the critical question:

  • Do you want to continue the progress of our new majority board’s campaign promises: better financial oversight, balanced budget, teacher raises, removing CRT from curriculum, and improving academics?
  • Or, do you want to go back to letting the local NEA choose your school board?

This is going to be tough election – the opposition has support from (4) progressive organizations: The local NEA, the Missouri NEA, Francis Howell Forward PAC, SCCFPS PAC. They have raised a lot of money, much of which is coming from outside our district.

These organizations and their endorsed candidates – Steven Blair and Carolie Owens – have been busy spreading all manner of false narratives. Our media team has put together some nice graphics to give you the truth: (click each image below to open)

Lies Leftists Tell: (why you can't trust what Francis Howell Forward claims)

Here’s how you can help to elect a school board that represents YOU, not the NEA: