Adriana Kuhn and Sam Young are common-sense conservative candidates running for the two open seats in the April 2th, 2024 school board election.

Please come and meet them in person at our February 22nd “Meet the candidates” event.  We think that you will agree that Adriana and Sam are GREAT candidates who truly wish to serve our students, teachers, and community.  They support the following priorities:

Back to Basics

  • Responsible oversight of our $280M annual budget
    – Invest more on good teachers and less on bureaucrats
    – Careful fiscal governance instead of new taxes
  • Prioritize Reading, Writing, Math, and Science
    – Achieve top 10 or better state academic ranking
    – Hold administrators accountable to improvement targets
    – Stop political activism, CRT, and sexualization of children
  • Safety and discipline to protect students and staff
    – Finish security entrances and have an officer in each school
    – Suspend bullies and students that repeatedly disrupt class
  • Enact and enforce policies that honor parental rights and student privacy

Now let’s introduce the candidates!

Adriana Kuhn has strong roots in St. Charles County and she’s very excited to serve this community that has meant so much to her during her life. A graduate of Truman University with a degree in Psychology, she has worked as a stockbroker and is currently a proud business owner. She has two children in school and has seen first hand the dedication of our teachers and principles. Adriana’s top priorities on the board will be improving academic results, carefully overseeing our budget, and supporting parental rights.

“I look forward to working collaboratively with our teachers, administrators, parents, and citizens of our community while on the board. The experiences our children have during these formative years significantly impact the rest of their lives. In our schools we must strive to create the optimal environment for each of our children to thrive.”

Facebook: Adriana Kuhn for Francis Howell School Board

Sam Young grew up in Jackson County, MO, and went to Mizzou on a Navy ROTC scholarship studying Engineering.  He spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy, serving on nuclear submarines and working in operational and strategic planning.  A husband for 22 years and father of four, their oldest graduated from Francis Howell High School with three more set to do the same. Sam works as an engineer and has served as a mentor for the FHSD robotics team for the last four years.  Sam Young is focused on fiscal responsibility, high academic achievement, and providing students with the skills and habits that will allow them to succeed.

“I want to see every student in our community prepared to prosper. I make a firm commitment to our teachers to reduce their workload so they can focus on providing students with a great knowledge base that will carry them through life.”

Facebook: Sam Young for Francis Howell School Board

Here’s how you can help us to continue to elect great school board members: