Only a minority of FHSD teachers are members of the local NEA (FHEA) (1).  That’s why the number is so secret that even the district doesn’t know. Recent IRS 990 filings show that their dues revenue has fallen significantly, and it doesn’t amount to enough to account for their inflated claims.

In a previous article we highlighted how Leftist ideology infects school boards thru the extreme political activism of the NEA.  Although the local NEA leadership shares these radical views, we don’t believe that the majority of our teachers do.

School board candidates Steven Blair and Carolie Owens were selected by FHEA leaders for their endorsement, and they also received out-of-district donations from the Missouri NEA (MNEA).  The MNEA reverberates the national NEA’s positions, for example:

“The Association (MNEA) believes that all transgender students should be able to use the bathroom or locker room of their choice.”  – January 17, 2024 testimony Missouri House (bill HB2308)

Blair agrees with this position, and Owens won’t say.

Now is not the time to go back to the days when the NEA controlled your school board.

No-excuse early absentee voting is now underway! Please vote in the Apr 2, 2024 election for Adriana Kuhn and Sam Young.

1 Based on information regarding the annual FHEA dues and how much of that goes to the national and Missouri NEI, we estimate that around a third of our teachers are members, or well less than half.   If they will provide an accounting of their actual membership, we will update this article.

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