In case you missed it, the Francis Howell School Board saved the district about $300,000 in construction bond funds by asking questions, providing proper oversight, and working closely with district Principals. The board approved design development plans for security entrances at five district schools at the November 16th school board meeting.  Security vestibule plans were approved for Henderson Elementary, Fairmount Elementary, and the three Early Childhood Centers at Central School Road, Hackmann Road, and Meadows Parkway.  Approval of these plans is key to meeting a timeline for completion during the summer of 2024.

The benefits to having school board members with engineering, accounting, and construction experience – and the willingness to ask tough questions – are undeniable.  In October, the board voted to table consideration after the plans presented went beyond the original scope. The architects were able to reduce the scope accordingly and presented these at the November board meeting.

The new board majority is wrongly criticized without evidence by the local NEA and progressives for not listening to teachers and school administrators. They should be happy to hear that Vice President Randy Cook and others met with principals affected by the project.  In the case for Central School Road ECC, Director Cook forwarded a motion to restore the plans to the October design proposal after meeting with the principal.  In another case for Meadows Parkway ECC, Director Cook worked with the principal to draw up a rough set of proposed plans to meet the school’s unique needs.

The current school board exercised proper oversight to save the district much needed construction bond funds that will be needed for other schools in the district. They also kept a campaign promise to build security vestibules at all district schools to keep students and staff safe.  It is fair to say that if our current board had been in place during the design of Francis Howell North, we would not have had the outrageous $79M cost overrun.

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