In October we reviewed the proposed policy 2116 “Privacy in Locker Rooms and Restrooms“.  This policy would require that use of common bathrooms and locker rooms be based on the sex on the birth certificate. The policy also requires that single-use bathrooms be made available in each building.

The progressive candidates and groups supporting them are opposed to this policy.  But they really don’t want to talk about the safety and privacy of students, instead they are focused on “litter boxes”.

Here’s what their candidate Steven Blair said in his December 19th Facebook post:

“Policy 2116 was presented by our treasurer, and it includes a reference to litter boxes”

This is simply not true. ‘Litter boxes’ are never mentioned in the proposed policy.  Click here to read it for yourself.  Mr. Blair is deliberately misleading the community, but he is correct on one point – we have had students come to school identifying and dressing as cats or “furries”.

While the progressive PACs, the local NEA, and their candidates continue to focus on national political talking points and creating manufactured chaos at the board meetings, Francis Howell Families will continue to work hard to deliver results to our community. Because of your generous support and involvement, we have seen significant progress on returning the district’s focus “Back to the Basics”, which we will be sharing in a series of articles in the next few weeks. We are excited to endorse two great candidates in the April 2024 election who will continue this hard work.

Steven Blair is an unserious candidate who seems bored by the hard work done by the school board. Watch him here during a recent board meeting where building security upgrades were being discussed. He can be seen walking around the audience politicking:

Here’s how you can help: