In September of this year, the board learned how the local NEA and a left-leaning PAC were able to obtain personal information on students through a “sunshine” request (click for details).   In October, the board moved quickly to adopt revisions to Policy 2400 and Regulation 2400 regarding student educational records.  Families are no longer forced to “opt-out” of school related disclosures, such as year books and school related publications of information if they want to protect their child’s personal information from all third-parties.  There is now a “Limited Opt-Out” option, but you must act quickly if you want to select it for your child this school year.

The board has also directed the administration to see if the “Limited Opt-Out” option can be made the default, which requires a legal opinion on whether that would conflict with the FERPA law.    We applaud our new board in these efforts.

Here are the details:

  • A new FERPA opt-out form has been created. Families now have the choice of a full opt-out, limited opt-out, military opt-out, and/or media opt-out.
    Francis Howell Families recommends that you submit this form and at minimum select “Limited Opt-Out” for your students
  • Opt-out forms will be accepted through close of business on Wednesday, November 15. Forms should be returned to your child’s school office. Opt-out forms for 2023-24 school year will not be accepted after this date, so please make note of this deadline.
  • Opt-out selections will go into effect on Tuesday, November 21, and will remain in effect until a parent/guardian notifies the District in writing that they wish to change or revoke their opt-out.
  • If you do not wish to opt out, no action is required.

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