On June 20th, your conservative board majority proposed updates to Policy and Regulation 0380 “Electioneering Guidelines Regarding Board Governance”. This action closes a loophole that allows campaigning on school property and sets clear location and time limits for electioneering on district property to election day polling locations. The need for these updates became apparent during the last election cycle when several progressive political PACs and the NEA aggressively campaigned during after-school events, encroaching on parent’s personal space and showing lack of respect for people’s personal property.

While the progressive PACs, NEA, and progressive board members continue to have selective memory and gas light with imaginary scenarios, let’s take a look at the actual observations and parental encounters during the last election:

  • During a track meet at Francis Howell Central, progressive political activists placed NEA campaign flyers on spectator’s personal vehicles.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences across the district were turned into political campaign events. Families with kids in tow first had to make their way past multiple aggressive progressive political activists, only to be again asked for their time on the way out.
  • A teacher had a campaign sign in the classroom, visible to students. How about we keep politics out of the classroom?!
  • A FHSD parent was approached by campaign activists while visiting a school open house. The parent felt forced to engage with the campaigners and was made to feel uncomfortable. Is this the first impression we want to give families just starting out in our schools?! 
  •  FHSD parents were alarmed to see progressive political campaigners inside a school at an evening music performance. The parents felt that such events should be open only to family and staff and not be made open to campaigns for their kid’s safety.

The updates to this regulation are vital in keeping our public schools apolitical environments. Parents, community members, and visitors should not have to pass through “gate keeper” political activists in order to enter school property! If these updates don’t pass, the progressive political activists won’t stop with just the examples above either! Imagine having to walk through a line of canvassers for every school function!  Don’t forget that the local NEA and one of these PACs exploited a loophole in sunshine laws to obtain personal information of students and families for use in their campaign.

Remember this regulation and several others will go up for a final vote on July 18th! If you think Regulation 0380 “Electioneering Guidelines Regarding Board Governance” should pass, then email the Francis Howell Board of Education at their email addresses below and please attend this meeting:

Adam.Bertrand@fhsdschools.org, Randy.Cook@fhsdschools.org, Jane.Puszkar@fhsdschools.org, Ron.Harmon@fhsdschools.org, Mark.Ponder@fhsdschools.org, Steven.Blair@fhsdschools.org, Carolie.Owens@fhsdschools.org

Here’s what else you can do to help:

  • Please attend the July 18th, 2024 school board meeting at 6:30pm to show support for our board and this regulation.  The far-left activists will be there, will you?  See here for more information.
  • Contact us to find out more, or to let us know your concerns about our schools.
  • Consider making a donation to help us elect great school board members that represent you and not the NEA.