Sixteen new proposed policies and regulations were released by the Francis Howell School Board this week. Overall these proposed changes put in place official policy that will elevate education over advocacy, raise academic standards, increase transparency, and strengthen parental rights.

Our board is being attacked by progressive ideologues and needs your support! Please email the board members and let them know that you support the proposed changes. Also, come out to the board meeting, this Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 6:30pm to show your support!

Here are a handful of the proposed policy changes:

  • Regulation 6116 Human Sexuality – Limits encouragement and discussion of human sexuality, which includes gender identity and sexual orientation, to approved curriculum or only after consultation with a student’s parent(s) or guardian(s).
  • Policy 6450 Assignment of Grades – Raises academic standards by restoring final exams to 20%, from 10%, of overall semester grade.
  • Regulation 6310 Learning Commons – Removes linkages to problematic American Library Association and makes alignment with curriculum as first and foremost factor in book selections. Also increases transparency by requiring all requests for book purchases to be approved in open board meetings.
  • Policy 380 Electioneering – Closes loophole that allowed campaigning on school property and clearly limits electioneering on district property to election day polling locations starting the evening before.
  • Policy 4632 Advocacy Activities – Defines advocacy “as the use of speech, conduct, or symbols to support or oppose a particular point of view or belief about partisan, political, or social policy issues or matters.” Then clearly lists out advocacy activity that is not allowed by district employees or on district property, to include circulating printed materials, displaying flags or banners, or encouraging students to engage in these issues.

You can find a full list of sixteen proposed policy and regulations at the Francis Howell Board of Education Boarddocs site.

Please review these proposals and email the board with your comments and suggestions at their email addresses below:,,,,,,

The board members that you helped elect need your support on June 20th. Remember these policies and regulations could be up for a final vote on July 18th!

How else can you help to focus our schools on Education over Advocacy:

  • Consider making a donation to help us elect great school board members that represent you and not the NEA.
  • Please attend a school board meeting to voice your concerns and support good governance of our schools –
    See here for schedule and more information.
  • Contact us to find out more, or to let us know your concerns about our schools.