Dear Francis Howell School District Community Members:

Its that very important time of the year where Francis Howell Families is once again canvassing the community, asking those who might be thinking of running for the school board to reach out to us.

We can be contacted by sending us an email at: or via our Contact page.

Last year as you know, we were successful in promoting, endorsing, and getting elected our two candidates of choice: Adam Bertrand and Randy Cook (who are doing an outstanding job)!

The stakes to elect three more candidates in April of 2023 to the Francis Howell school board are high and cannot be overstated. Issues where common-sense leadership is needed include:

  • Proper fiscal oversight and transparency
  • Political indoctrination, e.g. Critical Race Theory/Cultural Proficiency
  • Inappropriate sexually explicit materials in our school libraries
  • Safety and discipline issues
  • Parental rights to be informed and involved in your child’s education

As an endorsed candidate, you will have a proven, successful, and know-how-to-win organization behind you. Join us in continuing the effort to take back our schools and in providing a sound, decent, reasonable, and safe teaching environment for all.

Start the conversation with your friends, family, and work colleagues TODAY!

Candidates, we are eager to hear from you!


Ken Gontarz, President
Francis Howell Families