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Francis Howell is a great school district – academically in the top 25 state wide. Unfortunately Missouri is one of the lowest performing states, and FHSD used to be in the top 10.  Our 17,000 students and $280 million annual tax dollars deserve the absolute best.

For years, the local NEA has chosen who gets elected as our school board members, due to a lack of organized opposition and low turnout.  Last year voters said “Enough!” and defeated the NEA supported candidates.  This year we have the opportunity to elect three more board members, but the NEA and their new leftist proxy PAC “Francis Howell Forward” will be pulling out all the stops to retain majority control of our board. To defeat them, we will need your help.

On February 3rd, Francis Howell Families held a “Meet the Candidates” night, and it was a terrific success. Attendees got the opportunity to hear our endorsed candidates – Jane Puszkar, Mark Ponder, and Ron Harmon speak – and ask them questions. Some of our local legislators were there in support including Senator Bill Eigel as well as board members Adam Bertrand and Randy Cook.

If you care about our schools – our students, our taxes, our property values – then here are the ways you can help:

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