Dear Francis Howell School District Community Members:

Over the past two years, Francis Howell Families has been successful in mobilizing the community to elect five outstanding new school board members. The turnout each time set records for voter participation in local non-tax/bond school board elections, showing that our message is resonating with community members.

As a result, the district has started to reverse some of the disastrous decisions made by the previous board and administration. Since April, when the new board majority was seated, the public is finally seeing real debate and discussion instead of rubber-stamp approvals on agenda items.

But positive change takes time, and the progressive leftists in our district will be back again next year to try and disrupt the return to academic excellence with their relentless focus on identity politics and equity. In order to continue to provide common sense leadership in the coming years, it is critical that we get another two candidates elected in April 2024.  Some important issues for next year include:

  • Providing rigorous fiscal oversight and transparency on the budget
  • Making improvements when the state audit of the district is published
  • Updating policies to prevent “woke” indoctrination and return the focus to academics
  • Replacing age-inappropriate sexually explicit materials
  • Selecting the best curriculum and resources for the district
  • Supporting teachers through consistent, effective enforcement of discipline

We need your help – if you want to help implement the above action items, have the time to commit to the meetings and work, and think that you can help the district out as a board member, we want to hear from you! You do not need any specialized training or knowledge ahead of time.

Many people hesitate to run for office due to a lack of familiarity with the political process. It is intimidating – but that’s why Francis Howell Families was formed. As an endorsed candidate, you will have a proven team behind you, providing resources and training to help you succeed. Join us in the effort to improve our schools and provide an exceptional education in a safe learning environment for all.

If you can’t run next year, but have a friend, colleague, or family member who you think would be perfect on the board, start that conversation today – and then let us know who it is!

We can be contacted by sending us an email at: or via our Contact page.  Candidates, we are eager to hear from you!

Ken Gontarz, President
Francis Howell Families